Interested in joining SELAH?

We'd love to have you join us at a park day or talk to a leader before registering.

Contact us for more info! 

SELAH is a non-denominational, Christian organization seeking to support home school families and make disciples for Jesus Christ.


SELAH is divided up into homegroups which meet separately in homes or at parks. Groups are divided by location. 


Yearly membership costs $35 ($30 for returning members) for the 2018-2019 school year. We will be taking new member registrations for the new school year beginning June 1st. 

*FOR NEW MEMBERS: Please read through our Statement of Faith/Statement of Purpose before registering. 


*(Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications from any families belonging to a public school ISP or Public Charter School.)


Santa Clara

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Leader: Pam Polischuk, Ellen Nesper


Ages: 0-3,  4-6,  7-9,  10-12,  13-15, 16+  


Leaders: Sheila Severinghaus


Ages: 0-3,  4-6,  7-9,  10-12,  13-15, 16+  


Leaders: Laura Butler, Carrie Woolley

Ages: 0-3,  4-6,  7-9,  10-12,  13-15, 16+